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22nd August 2014


Donna's Decision, a doctor who fanfic | FanFiction →

Donna Noble wants to know why the Doctor hasn’t gone to get Rose yet. Well, explain yourself!

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23rd November 2013



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15th June 2013

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I have to stop doing that thing where whenever I meet someone new who tells me feel like Doctor Who I automatically think they could be a potential soulmate.

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5th June 2013

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4th June 2013

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Ten: (after fixing the fireplace to go back to the 51st century): How long did you wait?
Rose: Five and a half hours.
Ten: Good. Always wait five and a half hours.

I’ll forever wonder how long it was for him.

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19th May 2013

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I’m going to sleep soon. Can someone wake me on the night of the 50th? Great thanks.

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24th April 2013

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#oh my god #I’d forgotten this scene #this is why, isn’t it #this is why he always told her how special she was #how important #how brilliant #because he remembered the time when he was so callous #the time that, for all he knows, might have contributed to her shitty self esteem even more #the time he told her she wasn’t special or important #which coming from him is harsh #I mean the Doctor thinks everyone’s important #but in that moment #with a brain addled with heartbreak #and a heart aching for his Rose #he told her what she already thought about herself #and who knows #maybe that’s why she never believed him 

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10th April 2013

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  • Me: I should start buying one box of tissues a day to stock up for the 50th anniversary.

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10th March 2013

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10 Day Ship Challenge ❤ Day 04: Favorite Moment.

“It’s gonna be.. fantastic.”

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28th February 2013

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Motivational Words from the Tenth Doctor.

I must listen to this everyday. <3

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