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4th March 2013

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I ship both Lip/Karen and Lip/Mandy and I’m having more feels then I know what do with.

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28th January 2013

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28th January 2013

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Somebody please post Lip/Mandy gifs from tonight’s episode. I’ll love you forever.

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24th January 2013

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15th January 2013

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Jeremy Allen White (lip) in handcuffs?



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8th December 2012

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The way he looks at her. <3

The way he looks at her. <3

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16th November 2012

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26th July 2012

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Shameless US


Shameless US

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4th July 2012

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A Lip/Karen vid.

I almost forgot how perfect these 2 were back in season 1 before Karen went crazy.

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10th May 2012

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Those arms &lt;3

Those arms <3

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