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20th March 2013

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I’d forgive her. I would forgive her for everything. Because she’s my mom.

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18th March 2013

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I just realized all my ships on this show are going/gone to hell





I’m going to go find a roof to jump off of.

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18th March 2013

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I’m both a Lip/Karen and Lip/Mandy shipper so I really don’t know how I feel right now. Since its clear he’ll end up alone.

But just the fact that he knew deep down Mandy was good for him and he made his choice.

And finally after everything he could have been happy.

That’s what breaks my heart so much.

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18th March 2013

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Shameless just blew my fucking mind.

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11th March 2013

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As big of a soft spot I have for Lip/Karen I was not happy with last nite at all. Mandy deseves so much more.

Lip,I know your better then this.

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4th March 2013

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I ship both Lip/Karen and Lip/Mandy and I’m having more feels then I know what do with.

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10th January 2013

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Can’t wait. <3

Can’t wait. <3

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2nd January 2013

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8th December 2012

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The way he looks at her. &lt;3

The way he looks at her. <3

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8th December 2012

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His arms <3

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